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CrossFit itself is together an exercise programme in addition to a fitness establishment (CrossFit, Inc.), started by Greg and Lauren Glassman well over a decade ago (2000). CrossFit claims to be a strength and conditioning programme involving regularly mixed functional actions performed at great intensity. It supposedly fuses strength training, explosive plyometrics, speed training, Olympic- and power-style weight lifting, kettle bells, body weight exercises, gymnastics, and aerobic endurance exercise in one setting. As such, ensuring that you ingest the proper nutrients for this particular activity is of paramount importance.


Generally speaking, dietary prescriptions should consist of ;

  • 30% protein
  • 40% carbohydrate
  • 30% fat.


The protein should be of the lean variety, the carbohydrates should consist of low-glycaemic foods, while the fats should be mainly of the monounsaturated variety. More specifically, your dietary regimen should be based on lean meats and garden vegetables (general greens, seeds and nuts), with little starch and no refined carbohydrates and sugars. Excessive ingestion of high-glycaemic foods is one of the main culprits in nutritionally-instigated health maladies.

Specifically, these are those foods that raise blood glucose levels too quickly. Most of these are processed carbohydrates (such processing can incorporate grinding, baking, refining, and bleaching) like sweets, fizzy drinks, white rice and bread. The main issue with high-glycaemic carbohydrates is that they deliver an excessive insulin response. As with any hormone, insulin is essential to life-sustaining activities, yet too much for too long a time leads to hyper-insulinism, which can lead to a whole assortment of diseases and disabilities.[1][2]





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