12 Benefits from Lifting Weights in the Morning

12 Benefits from Lifting Weights in the Morning - Fitness Health


Lifting weights and working out early in the morning might sound a bit absurd to some; however, you can’t deny that you can get a lot of benefits by waking up a little early for a workout session involving weights.

  1. You can focus better

In the morning, it is very calm and quiet. As a result, you can focus completely on lifting the weight you want as well as maintaining focus during each rep. A morning workout session is capable of turning out great for the mind as well as the body. Moreover, focus in general is improved throughout the day.

  1. You can burn more calories

An hour of lifting weights, at least an hour before you have had your breakfast helps the body to get rid of 60% more calories than the calories burned during the evening or afternoon workout sessions.

  1. You get free time

In the morning, there is no traffic, no people in line for equipment, and no one to stop you for a chat. Consequently, you can get an additional hour or so free during the day depending on how early you’re able to wake up. If you add up the time, it can mean numerous free hours in one week which you can use for other things like pursuing a hobby.

  1. Your life is more disciplined

Lifting weights in the morning can help provide you additional discipline to do more things at work, following your diet, and getting done with everything else efficiently. You might feel tired after the workout; however, your body will recover and be able to continue working throughout the day without feeling tired.

  1. You have more energy

If you work out in the morning with weights, you won’t need caffeinated drinks or energy boosters. With an early morning workout, you are able to maintain optimum energy levels for longer.

  1. You get time for another workout session later

If you love to train or if you need to work out more than once because of your job or love for sports etc., you should start waking up early. After doing a morning weight lifting workout, the time you used to work out normally during the day can serve as a second workout session for you. According to studies, multiple workouts in a day can help build muscle and lose fast faster.

  1. Fewer chances of skipping a workout

Working out with weights, early in the morning, decrease the chance of missing a session. One reason behind this is the fact that there are hardly any distractions or emergencies that you have to face so early. The fewer workout sessions you skip, the faster you can build muscles and lose fat.

  1. You can sleep better and faster

Lifting weights in the morning does help you in sleeping faster and better. Studies suggest that morning workouts are more effective for improving sleep. You will also feel more refreshed once you wake up.

  1. Your hormones are optimized

Essential hormones that help to build muscle mass, such as testosterone, are more elevated in the morning. When you lift weights during the morning, you can take advantage of the peaked hormone levels compared to when they’re lower during the afternoon.

  1. Your metabolism will be boosted

Lifting weights in the morning boosts your metabolism because of which you burn more calories throughout the day. This phenomenon is called EPOC which stands for Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption.

  1. Your mood is improved

Early morning workouts release endorphins which are hormones that make you feel good and prevent depression.

  1. You Will Feel Hungry

A lot of people skip breakfast because they don’t have time or don’t feel hungry. By lifting weights in the morning you’ll end up feeling hungry after burning calories. This will enable your body to look forward to eating a healthy breakfast.


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Thank you much! I am just beginning a workout program and in tired when I come home. Working out in the morning, when I have more energy, and refreshed, will be perfect for me. Thank you for the excellent research and information. It helps to inspire me.


Every time I’ve ever worked out in the morning, my whole day went better.

Wade Gonsoulin

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