5 Best Places to Go Running



Whether you’re new to running or have been pounding the pavement for years, it’s always fun to switch up your path from time to time. This allows you to see different scenery, not to mention it will work your muscles in alternate ways when you train on various types of terrain.

With that thought in mind, here are the five best places to go running:

  • On the Beach. Not only does the fresh ocean, sea, or lake air feel great when you’re working up a sweat, but grinding your feet into the sand increases the level of difficulty. You have to work a little harder to run the same distance, raising the number of calories you burn dramatically.
  • In the Forest. Get a taste of Mother Nature’s goodness while navigating the twists, turns, ups, and downs of a forest path. Just be sure to watch your footing if you’re on off-the-road trails so that you don’t accidentally twist your ankle or fall into a small hole.
  • Up a Mountain. This particular running option will test your endurance as well as your strength. Although it does take more hard work and effort to get to the top, the view will be amazing, making it more than worth the trip!
  • Through a Park. If you prefer to run where there are more people or like a manicured path, then parks are a great place to break in your athletic shoes. Find one that you enjoy going to or create a list of ones you want to visit and switch them up every week.
  • Around a Sports Field. Combine watching your children’s ballgames with getting in shape by running around the sports field when your little one is on the bench. Even if you don’t have kids in sports, this is still a great place to go if you’re not really the nature type and don’t want to deal with wild animals or crazy terrains.
Try one of more of these running options and see what they do for you. Where is your favorite running place?
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