Guide of How to Find the Best Barbell for Home Gym

Guide of How to Find the Best Barbell for Home Gym - Fitness Health

 How to Find the Best Barbell for Home Gym

Barbell is a rod with attached weights on each side. It is used in weightlifting, bodybuilding, and powerlifting exercise training in gyms.

There are many types of barbells easily available in the market for you to achieve your fitness goals. However, the variety of barbells to choose from may be confusing for people who tend to buy one or more for their home gyms.

So, how to find the best barbell for a home gym? Let’s find out.

Types of barbells:

There are many kinds of barbells with different size and weights according to physical strength with regards to the user’s gender. That is why you should choose accordingly.

  1. Standard barbell:

This is the most used barbell in any commercial gym. These barbells can be used easily if you have experience or trainer’s guidance. These are usually 7-feet long barbells. Furthermore, these barbells can be slightly bent if used with heavy weights. That is why you should go with the quality you require depending on the weights you’ll be using.

  1. Squat bars:

Squat bars are a bit different from standard barbells. They have a unique and different design (a knurling in the center) on the bar for better gripping purpose so that it won’t slip over you. They also tend to have a thicker diameter.

  1. Bench press bar:

This barbell is of a quality that it won’t bend due to the weights. It consists of wide diameter rod which can also easily fit in your hands.

  1. Olympic bars:

Specially designed barbells used by Olympic players. They are easy to hold for weightlifting and are made from a special type of steel for better performance. They can easily spin due to the bearings to lower the risk of injuries. While they aren’t meant for home gym use, it is better to know about them while looking barbells.

  1. Safety squat or Yoke bars:

Safety squat bars come with unique arms in the middle of the barbell with a thick foam covering. It allows you to perform squats while holding it on your neck. It can be very beneficial if you are suffering from muscle pain but still want to train at home.

  1. Cambered bar:

Cambered bar or an arched bar can be used in relaxing your muscles. It is a bit similar to squat bars and allows you to hold it correctly due to its arch in the middle.

  1. Curl bar:

Curl bars are designed in a ‘curly rod’ manner which is good for those who basically do exercises focused on triceps. They are commonly short in length.

How to choose perfect barbell?

In order to find a perfect barbell, first of all, you must know the basics.

These three parameters can check a barbell's quality:

  • Its design
  • Sleeves
  • Barbell strength


The pattern on the rod of any barbell is the first thing you must check. The rough pattern will allow you to hold it correctly for a long period. The knurling pattern can vary from bar to bar. Sometimes it can be smooth and in the center only. Sometimes the knurling pattern can run till the sleeves while in some cases you may not find any knurling pattern on the barbell.

It is totally up to you which kind of barbell knurling pattern is easy for you to hold and use without getting tired.


Sleeves are the main points of any barbell where you can put weights according to your need. The main thing to notice in the sleeves of the barbell is the rotation and spin of the sleeves.

Sleeves are usually linked with bolts and snap rings. For home gyms, you should prefer only snap rings because bolts can be broken easily.

Barbell strength           

Now at the end comes the strength of barbell which can be judged on three points. These points are its tensile strength, yield strength, and test.

Tensile strength can be judged by checking how much weight your barbell can support. The yield strength is the barbell’s weight holding capability.

The test allows you to test out the barbell with some weights. If it is not bending and breaking with the weights you wish to use, then it can be a good barbell to buy for your home gym.





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