How To Set Up A Home Gym With A Low Budget

How To Set Up A Home Gym With A Low Budget - Fitness Health

How To Set Up A Home Gym With A Low Budget

The hustle bustle of going to the gym every day is one of the major reasons why people avoid working out. Are you tired of the crowd, the sweat-stained walls, and that gross smell? Or do you hate the traveling time associated with getting to the gym?
If your answer to all the above-mentioned questions is a yes then worry not because we have the perfect solution for you- a home gym! It’s time to take control of things and consider creating your own personal gym in the comfort of your home!
Having a home gym can be extremely convenient as you can literally workout whenever you are free, but it isn’t a blessing for everyone. A home gym doesn’t mean that you need to spend tons of money and set up an overly expensive gym. You need just a few basic equipments, and you would be good to go.


You only need to get the equipment you actually need. A lot of people when setting a home gym spend so much money on unnecessary cardio equipment and various specialist products. You can easily have a good workout session even if these two things aren’t there so make sure to act sensibly.


There is no need to create a gym just like a commercial gym and wasting thousands of dollars. If you are particularly interested in some specific machinery, then there are plenty of places to buy used fitness equipment from. This way you will be able to bag some machinery in half the cost and sometimes even lesser!


Bear in mind that you cannot set up a full, complete gym immediately. It will grow and build with time, so it is absolutely okay to start with just the basic stuff and keep your head up for the upgrades you might need in the future. When you have the money or the investment you can make those additions to your home gym.


    This is the most important equipment you will need when setting a gym at your home. Barbells and the plate set are the foundations and the base of the majority of the workouts. Real results are only generated by doing the classic core workouts rather than wasting time on flashy exercises.
    Barbell set allows you to do a number of essential core exercises including LEG- The deadlift, lunges, front squat and back squat can easily be done.

BACK- You can easily do the barbell row, upright row and the power cleans by making use of the barbell.
Shoulders: The military press and behind the neck press is done with the help of the barbell.
ARMS- Barbell allows you to do the bicep curl, skull crushers, close grip press as well.

  1. BENCH
    In order to use the barbell to the fullest, you need a bench. Get a bench that has a decline and an incline function in it. You may not use this function very often, but when you aim for a split bodybuilding style phase, this would be helpful. Another suggestion is to get a second-hand commercial bench rather than a new home gym one as the quality of the commercial one is better.
  2. RACK
    This is the most important and most expensive equipment in a home gym. As a rack takes up a lot of space people, tend to think they can eliminate the rack, but you cannot. Without a rack, heavier workout related to the legs, shoulders, and chest are impossible to do. It also contributes to the safety aspect of working out alone. It is best to buy a rack that can easily take some attachments like the pull-up bars etc.
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