The Basics of Weight Loss

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The Basics of Weight Loss


When your goal is to get rid of your excess weight one final time, it’s easy to be confused by all of the complex and multi-step programs and plans that exist. While a lot of them have their good points, and some have their not-so-good, the reality is that weight loss is a fairly simple process. As long as you follow the basics, that is.

Basic #1: If you don’t make a lifestyle change, then the weight loss won’t stick

The reason a lot of diets don’t work is because they’re intended to be short-term. However, this means that the results will be short-term too. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you’re going to have to make lifestyle changes. This means forever.

Basic #2: Diet and exercise are both important to the process

Some health experts will try to get you to believe that the secret to weight loss success is in the diet, whereas others will tell you it is in the exercise. The reality is that true and lasting weight loss requires both.

Basic #3: The best source of nutrition is natural food

While a lot of supplements can help you better meet your nutritional goals, the best source of vitamins and minerals is natural food. By choosing a diet high in foods in their natural state (as opposed to eating a lot of processed foods), you’re getting more of the things you should be getting with less of the things you shouldn’t.

Basic #4: Water plays a critical role when it comes to losing weight

Not only does drinking water help your body get rid of toxins, but it also helps keep you full, reducing your urge to snack even when you aren’t hungry. Additionally, water keeps your body’s organs functioning as they should, which will promote your weight loss efforts even more.

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