Best Healthy Foods to Eat When You Are Sick

Best Healthy Foods to Eat When You Are Sick - Fitness Health


Best Healthy Foods to Eat When You Are Sick

It can be hard enough to eat healthy when you’re feeling great, but add a flu or cold bug to the equation and it can seem almost impossible to make good choices. Either you don’t want anything at all because your stomach feels queasy, or you only want foods that are not so good for you, offering you a little bit of comfort despite your ill health.

However, eating certain healthy foods when you are sick can help speed up your recovery and help you feel better faster. Here are a few that you’ll want to have your caring friends or family deliver to your doorstep the next time your immune system takes a dive:

  • Bananas. High in B vitamins, bananas will help you restore your energy levels, which is the key when you’re feeling down. Their potassium will keep your blood pressure stable and their fiber will help keep your digestive flowing so that you can effectively remove all toxins (and bugs) from your body.


  • Rice. Rice gives you energy and keeps your digestive tract in good health too, but it is also well-known for the positive effect it has on your immune system, which certainly needs a boost when it is trying to fight off whatever is going around. Choose brown over white to keep your blood sugar stable and receive the greatest nutritional benefit.


  • Applesauce. Applesauce is high in vitamin C which is a supplement you want to increase when you’re not feeling well. It is also easy on your stomach and a cool treat if you have a sore throat as one of your symptoms. Add a little cinnamon to it for some extra flavor (and greater heart health).


  • Tea. The health benefits of tea (particularly green tea) are too lengthy to mention here, but several studies have found that drinking 2-4 cups daily promotes a healthy immune system which makes it a great go-to drink if you’re feeling bad, as well as one to consider getting more of to avoid colds and flus altogether.

So, how are you going to remember all of these foods when you’re not feeling well? Just think of your ailment as a BRAT (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Tea). This is one case where name calling is actually beneficial.

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