Vegan Stroganoff Recipe

Vegan Stroganoff Recipe - Fitness Health

Cooking time 20 minutes


300g Mushrooms chopped
2 handful fresh spinach
3 tablespoons Mustard (wholegrain)
1/2  fresh Lemon Juiced 
Pinch of ground pepper

White Sauce
50g Flour
50g vegan spread
500ml vegan Vegetable Stock


1.Place spread in saucepan on heat and melt 

2.Add flour and season, make to roux consistency- thick paste

3. Add stock together, add slowly making sure you keep on the move without burning

4.Add until all the stock is used then taste season and remove from heat

5.Once finished add the ingredients in the sauce mushrooms, mustard and lemon juice then place to the pan and turn the heat down leaving simmer for 10 minutes 

Finish by seasoning salt and cracked pepper , best served with a slice of lemon and fresh chopped parsley stir.

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