Why is Doping so Bad?

Anti-doping health professionals outline a couple of reasons as to why doping is such a serious offense in the world of sports. First, some substances that people use to dope with are potentially harmful to the body. Sure, they may make the athlete function better in the short run, but they also pose a long term risk to their heart and other body systems by introducing unnatural ingredients into the human body.

Second, it gives the doper an unfair advantage against the other athletes that are competing. If someone is adhering to the no doping rule, they may not fare as well as someone who is using these body altering substances.

Doping is a huge deal in the world of professional sports. Not only can it cost you removal of some very high medals and honors, as it did with Lance Armstrong, but it can also tarnish your character, reputation and integrity. The question is, is it worth it?

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