Ways To Train Harder With Less Injury

Ways To Train Harder With Less Injury - Fitness Health

Training consistently has unlimited advantages. Yet, as beneficial fitness training is for your physical and mental health, it can be equally damaging to your body if it is not done in the right manner.  Therefore, it is extremely significant to put your safety first when you are exercising vigorously. There are a number of factors which can upset your regularity when it comes to training. There are several ways in which you can step up your fitness regime, and become stronger without having to worry about injuring yourself.

  1. Take It Slow;

You must make sure that the weight of the dumbbells is increased slowly and gradually. You might be feeling confident after several decent workout sessions; however, the over-confidence can cause you to over-estimate your ability to lift heavier. Unnecessary additional weight could do you more harm by ruining your posture during training and make you more prone to an injury. Therefore, only increase weight after you get an instructor’s approval.

The last thing you want is an injury stopping you from working out and training hard. Here are a few ways to train harder with fewer chances of injury.

  1. Increased Reps

If you cannot increase the weights due to the fear of injuring your sensitive tissues, you can increase the repetition of the exercise you are performing. This strategy would intensify your workouts while at the same time, would help you in staying “injury-free.”


  1. Stretch It Out

Stretching is the most underrated aspect when it comes to training. It has various advantages as it reduces if not completely erases the soreness that is followed by a workout. It plays a significant role in calming the body after a vigorous exercise.


  1. Warm Up

Before beginning your training, you must make sure you are warming up your body, as this aspect would increase your strength and productivity that you need during strength training. It is proven that warmed up muscles perform better in a workout, as it provides more strength. Moreover, warming up before training will prevent you from getting sore post-workout.


  1. Get Yourself A Massage

Massage is a healing and uplifting process that stimulates blood flow, therefore, it provides recovery and rejuvenates. Furthermore, it also keeps muscles, tissues and overall body healthy and supple.

You can either get a massage from a professional masseuse, or you can invest in a high-density foam roller. A foam roller can help in loosening annoying knots and discharge tautness and strain in painful muscles; a procedure recognized as ‘myofascial release.’ Even though it might hurt a little at first, the usage of soft foam rollers can help revitalize tendons and muscles between workouts.


  1. Relax

The common mistake that almost all the people make is that they believe that need to be consistent no matter what, no matter how sore their knee is or how achy their back is. People try to work out even when their body is telling them otherwise. Listen to your body and progress gradually, one day at a time. Don’t get over excited on your first day; you are not required to lift all the weight in the world in just a day.
Once you have controlled the impulse to lift all sorts of weights, it is essential that you allow your muscles to recuperate between training, at least 2-3 days is a good recommendation. Sleep is equally important for you if you want to see results. If you are not getting eight to ten hours sleep every night, your central nervous system will not be able to correctly gain muscles throughout intense training, which may cause injury.

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