FH Resistance Leg Band Speed Training Program



We have developed a training course that will train your muscles to activate more powerfully with an increase in both multi directional movement and ability to react faster.

(further information on setting up the FH Resistance bands click here )

This workout will take on average between 5-20 minutes of continuing exercise that aims at increase to increase lower body kinetic energy. 

Kinetic energy refers to the energy of motion.

One of the best ways for increase your speed, strength, stamina and explosive is by using resistance kinetic leg bands. Adding high kinetic energy to your lower body muscles can have great benefits. 

Three stages for each workout to assist speed development. 

When starting with the kinetic leg bands start with static exercises like squats and lunges. Please watch the video below for information on those exercises.

The training videos below are designed for basic level of fitness. 

Warm Up Dynamic Stretching

Please complete the stretching video below before every workout. This will help prevent injury and prepare the lower body muscles for the workout. 

Leg Loop Resistance Band

Using the leg bands with every direction you can be sure that train and strength the right muscles in all the important places.

Workout 1 

Workout 2 


Speed, Strength and Agility Training

We at fitnesshealth.co have designed a speed and strength development online course training with the Kinetic leg resistance band set. We are updating the page regularly with training video. 

Please start by completing the dynamic stretching video before and after workout videos. This aims to increase your lower body mobility.  

Basic Speed Training Program 

Workout 1 

Workout 2 

Workout 3


Workout 4 

Workout 5

Workout 6 

Workout 7 

Workout 8 

Workout 9 

Workout 10