One of the Most Surprising Sports for Burning Calories

When it comes to burning calories, several sports likely come to mind—football, hockey, and rugby, just to name a few. But one other sport can burn off some extra calories as well, even though few people think of it that way. What is it?

The answer is golf and, although it isn’t as strenuous as some of the other sports you can play, it still offers you some calorie burning benefits just the same. That is, as long as you do two things while playing it.

Choose to Use Your Legs

While it may be a lot of fun to drive the golf cart as fast as it will go, trying to turn corners without tipping or rolling it, you will burn more calories when you use your legs and walk the course instead. Research shows that walking nine holes in golf is the rough equivalent of walking between five and six miles, which easily allows you to get the recommended 10,000 steps a day. Do eighteen holes and you’ll double this amount, receiving even more fitness benefits.

Carry Your Own Bag

Another way to burn calories while playing the one sport that you love is to carry your own bag around the course. Just make sure you lift the bag properly, using your thighs to pick it up and not your back. You also want to keep good posture when moving it between holes so that you don’t injure your back. So, keep your back straight, shoulders back, and head looking forward.

Not only will doing these two things put you closer to your fitness goals, it will save you money on your golf game too. That makes playing this sport a win-win situation. And one you don’t have to feel guilty about as it is helping you burn your excess fat!

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