Outdoor fitness, workout naturally


There is no need to use a gym, when everything is just outside your door !

Many people who look join a gym to lose weight , why? If you are targeting weight loss what machines would you use in the gym? Cycling machines, tred mills most of the machines are built around our body natural techniques. Sports that we already use ,for example running is the best outdoor activity we can do! Not only do we work our leg muscles, we work our whole body during running. Our legs ,abs and upper body muscles all work together to get our body moving, the motion speeds up and the body works like a car. If we use a tred mil instead of running outside what would the benefits be ? Training we control on a screen, indoor training, running on same surface terrain What if we changed it around, what are benefits from training outdoors? Different terrains; uphill, downhill, corners, grass, sand, wood. Changing  weather conditions; rain, winds, heat, cold. These two differences are the most important, we all find that when we workout on a tred mil we will not push ourselves to the point which we should. Often you can get caught up in a conversation and lose momentum, training outdoors is better for your pocket and health. Parks are free and you can use them at any time, it’s more fun training outdoors because you can change your run. It’s easier to see the benefits and changes, use a point to mark your run and time yourself.

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