Press Ups Incline home workout exercise

Press Ups  Incline – intermediate

Worked Muscles; Chest bottom Pecs, triceps & shoulders  

1. Place hands on bench shoulder width apart, lay parallel to the bench, and place feet together toes on floor. Form a straight line with your upper body, neck and head , keep this position throughout exercise.  

2. Lower your body towards the floor, maintain controlled  movement bending your elbows.  

3.When you get 1-2 inches from floor straighten arms and return to starting



These push-ups are great to use on chairs & bench's, outside or even at home, make sure that the item you're putting pressure on is solid, something like a workbench, etc, it has to take your body weight and have a solid surface if you attempt this exercise on a sofa or anything with a soft cover you risk damage to your wrists and elbows.


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