10 Biggest Workout Myths

10 Biggest Workout Myths - Fitness Health


Have you ever wondered how much of the information you’ve learned about workouts is true, leading you to a more fit and trim body, and how much is false, causing you to fall flat on your face and never lose a pound?

To help you with this dilemma, here are the 10 biggest myths about workouts:

  • The longer the workout, the better. High intensity interval training (HIIT) gives you a strength and endurance building workout in 20 minutes or less.
  • You have to exercise every day to be in shape. While you should have some type of physical activity most days, skipping a day or two a week can actually be beneficial because it gives your body time to recuperate.
  • Harder workouts are better. It’s great to challenge yourself, but light to moderate intensity workouts have advantages too.
  • You can spot reduce certain parts of your body. Yes, you can build specific muscles, but if your goal is to get that body part thinner, then you have to lose weight, which is something that is done all over—not just in one spot.
  • You should do strength training before cardio. Cardio uses a lot of physical energy so if you’re going to do both in the same training session, do the strength training first.
  • Cardio is more important for weight loss than strength training. Muscle burns more calories than fat, making strength training just as important.
  • It’s better for your knees to run on the treadmill than on pavement. Running anywhere can be hard on your knees; riding a bike or swimming is better.
  • Stretching comes before the workout. Research is now finding that stretching provides more benefits when done after you’re done exercising.
  • Your workout is useless if you’re not sweating. Sweat is not an indicator of how hard you’re working out.
  • You need a sports drink every time you work out. Unless you’re working out excessively hard or overly long, then plain water is often good enough to rehydrate yourself.
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