What You Need to Know About Training in the Heat



While most of us look forward to the summer months because it means we get some long overdue sunshine and warmth, the change in temperatures also mean that we need to train differently so that we don’t overheat. Letting your body get too warm puts you at risk of heat stroke, which can ultimately result in death. 

What do you need to do then to safely train in the heat? 

Stay Hydrated

You should always drink a lot of water anyway, but this is even more important when hot temperatures are making you sweat more of it out. Always have a water bottle with you so you can keep sipping it throughout your workout.

Get Your Electrolytes

When training for longer periods of time in the heat, you’re going to also want to replace your electrolytes. You can do this via sports drinks that contain them or by snacking on something salty as both will do the trick.

Put a Limit on Your Exercise

Ideally, you don’t want to engage in high intensity or long duration workouts in extreme heat conditions. Therefore, you’re better off by limiting them so that you don’t do more harm than good.

Exercise in the Shade

If at all possible, do your exercise in a shady area when the temperatures start to rise. The woods or any spot under a tree or pavilion work great. Of course, if you can find an air-conditioned spot, that works good too.

Wear the Right Clothes

Working out in the heat requires that you wear clothes that are light and breathable. Look for options that wick moisture away from your body and choose polyester/lycra blends over cotton. Additionally, make sure they aren’t too tight so that they don’t trap the heat in.

Follow these five simple guidelines and you’ll be able to exercise no matter how hot the conditions outside. How do you keep yourself cool while training when the temps warm up?


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