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Generally, when speaking of fitness, a person talks about losing weight or gaining muscle. However, there is another benefit of fitness that is just important, and that is increased mobility. After all, the easier and more pain-free that it is for you to move around, the higher your quality of life.

Some of the areas that can benefit most from mobility exercises include your shoulders, hips, quads, and hamstrings. What equipment can help improve your mobility in these key spots? Here are some of the best to consider:

  • Foam Rollers. This simple, yet effective piece of equipment can make your movements easier by massaging your muscles and releasing their tension. Plus, foam rollers can be used virtually anywhere on your body, making them a great all-over tool that provides a number of mobility-increasing benefits from head to toe.

  • Lacrosse Balls. Lacrosse balls work similarly to foam rollers, however, they are able to hit more precise trigger points or points of muscle tension. Essentially, they work well when hitting the “knots” or sore areas you may have in your back, like between your shoulder blades.

  • Resistance Bands. One way to improve your mobility is to strengthen the muscles that you need in order to get and stay mobile. Resistance bands work wonderful for this purpose, allowing you to tailor your strength training exercise program in a way that works best for you. Just choose the ones that supply the right amount of resistance and you’ve got a complete full-body workout at your fingertips.

By using these three simple pieces of equipment, you will be able to increase your mobility and ultimately improve your life. Train with them regularly in order to get the best effect.

What exercises do you find to increase your mobility? Feel free to share them below!

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