What is fibre? Healthy benefits from eating fibre ?


Fibre is not a nutrient because it's resistant against digestive enzymes, fibre is absorbed with internal water from our body.

Normally the average daily intake for fibre should be 30g per day. Getting your fibre intake right is important as too much fibre can work in a reverse effect on the internal body. Over consumption of fibre can reduce your absorption from vitamins and minerals. 

Fibre can be food from the outer walls and layers of seeds, grains, fruits and vegetables.

Two main classifications of fibre. 

Water soluble fibre ; located in the flesh of fruits and vegetables.

Rich in food sources; Oats, kidney beans and pulp fruits like mango, peaches and plums.

Water soluble fibre has been proven to reduce cholesterol.

Water insoluble fibre; Located in the woody structural part of vegetables, grains and bran's. 

Rich in food sources; Outer coat on grains and cereals  also the skins from fruits and vegetables.

Water insoluble fibre reduces the risk of colon cancer and speeds up the passing of food particles.


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