How to Change the Size of Your Fat Cells



The average person has anywhere from 10 to 30 billion fat cells, and someone who is overweight can have closer to 100 billion. Although you are naturally born with some, the problem is that once you gain more, you can’t lose them; you can only reduce their size. Hence the reason that so many people find it difficult to lose weight and keep it off. But while it is harder with more fat cells to contend with, it isn’t impossible if you take the right steps.

The Key to Shrinking Your Fat Cells

The key to shrinking your fat cells is to remove the fat from them, similar to letting air out of a tire. Without the air helping it hold its round, plump shape, the tire deflates and while it is still there, it is much smaller, which is exactly what you want to see with your fat cells. How do you achieve this goal? 

For starters, you need to eat a nutritious diet that isn’t going to give you more calories than you need. Ideally, you want to eat slightly fewer calories than you use on an average day, that way a deficit exists, meaning that your body will use your fat for energy, thereby depleting your cells.

Exercising helps as well. It is like putting a vacuum hose to your fat cells because it revs your metabolism, helping you get rid of your excess fat at a faster rate. Not to mention that it tones your body at the same time, so what fat cells you do have left are taut and trim, making you look leaner.

Think Lifestyle

The one thing to remember is that fat cells are easy to fill back up again. So, it is going to take some diligence on your part to remove the fat and keep it gone. This means that this is no quick fix, but rather a lifestyle change. A lifestyle that makes you happier and healthier than ever, which makes it more than worth it!

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