What companies put into our food today

Cost saving recipes often include substances we would never thought possible.  With big food companies we have to beware, these companies are more interested in cost saving recipes.

With the global economic crisis still hanging above our hands companies are looking to slash prices. These price cuts come from ingredients, often chemicals can be used in the food process helping foods taste similar to the natural flavour.

Here are some of the chemicals which are used in cheap ice cream to make them taste like the natural flavour advertised.

Di ethyl glycol;

This is a cheap chemical use to emulsify instead of real eggs.

Aldehyde C17;

This is a dye used in plastic and rubber, gives cherry flavour.


Often used in place of vanilla, normally this product is used to kill lice.

Ethyl acetate;

Often used for pineapple flavour, also cleans leather.


Used in rubber cement, It also gives ice cream a but flavour.

Amyl acetate;

Produces banana flavour and is an excellent paint solvent.

Benzyl acetate;

Used for strawberry flavour and is a nitrate solvent.

Its amazing to think how a food manufacturer can use these chemicals for flavour.

Ice cream manufacturers are not required by law to list the additives used in the manufacture of their product.

Consequently, most of todays ice creams are synthetic made.

Producing a mass amount of ice cream would cost alot of money. Real ingredients would be expensive; cream, sugar, raw eggs, natural fruits and flavours. The alternative choice could be chemicals which are maybe three hundred  times cheaper than the real  ingredients. Cheap manufacturers look to use paint solvent, oil paint, anti freeze, lice killer and nitrate solvent. 

Also another reason for these chemicals can be for self life. Chemically made produce will last years more longer than natural homemade products.


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