Why a Diet Break May Be Good for You



When it comes to losing weight, we’re often convinced that the shortest route from where we are to where we want to be involves going on a super strict diet, not letting ourselves falter. Not even once. However, sometimes a diet break is good for you. In fact, it can even take a lot of the negatives out of losing weight. How?

  • You’re able to satisfy your food cravings, finally putting them to rest. The more you deprive and restrict your food intake, the more intense your cravings become. Taking a break, then, allows you to satisfy your urges so they no longer have control over you.
  • Your metabolism will increase. Boost your calorie intake for a day or two and your metabolism will go up as well. This means that you’ll get your body out of starvation mode, burning more calories even while you are at rest.
  • Your motivation will increase too. Not only will your metabolism go up, but so too will your level of motivation. When you give your mind and body a small break by taking away all of the rules and guidelines, you’ll have more energy when you go back to them.
  • You’ll get some added nutrients. Taking a detour from your diet means that you’re probably going to be eating more and different foods. This will supply your body with some nutrients that it wouldn’t necessarily get if you were still restricting your intake.
  • You’ll sleep better. Put a little more food in your tummy and you may find it easier to get and stay asleep. This benefits you during the day as well as you often have more patience and are more focused when you are well rested.

So, take a break from your diet every so often because it will be good for you mentally and physically.

What do you find most beneficial about taking a diet break?

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