Vital Minerals for Kids Health


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Although it is important for adults to get enough key vitamins and minerals so they are healthy and well, it is even more imperative for children. Their little changing bodies need a variety of key nutrients in order to grow big and strong.

What are some of the most vital ones? Here are the top four:

Calcium - Helpful in creating bones that can withstand the pressures of normal childhood activities (like sports and other play), calcium is perhaps the most important mineral when it comes to a strong skeletal system. You can find it in several kid friendly foods such as many breakfast cereals, milk, and cheese, just to name a few.

Iron - This particular mineral helps transport oxygen from your kids’ lungs to their cells, making it easier for them to live their active lifestyles. Some iron-rich foods to add to your child’s plate include beef, eggs, and raisins.

Potassium –If you want to make sure your little guy or gal has muscles that function properly and that their fluid levels stay right where they need to be for maximum health, then you’ll want to make sure they get enough potassium in their body. Some tasty ways to incorporate it into their diet is to feed them bananas, oranges, beans, and potatoes.

Zinc –Keep your child healthy and free from bacteria and viruses by ensuring that they get enough zinc each and every day. This mineral also helps with the healing process for the cuts and scrapes that are common with most young children. It can be found in foods such as chicken (dark meat in particular), pork, nuts, and beans.

Add these mineral rich foods to your child’s diet and they’ll be healthy inside and out. You can also buy gummy vitamins which are a fun and easy way to get your child to look after their own nutritional needs. Either way, your kid’s health will be all the thanks you need!

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