5 Common Behaviors That May Just Be Hurting Your Health


You want to be healthy right? After all, isn’t that why you watch what you eat, get in a little bit of exercise, and take your multi-vitamins? Well, there may just be some behaviors that you are engaging in that aren’t so healthy; behaviors that you didn’t even realize had not-so-positive effects.

Here are five of the most common – as well as what to do about them:

  • Taking your laptop or tablet to bed with you. Even though it may seem relaxing enough to browse the web, check your email, or visit your social media pages right before bedtime, the brightness of the screen and the amount of activity it causes in your brain may make it harder to get some good quality sleep. Keep electronics out of the bedroom and you’ll feel more rested the next day.
  • Keeping a messy desk or living space. You may be wondering how a little clutter could be harmful to your health, but studies show that feeling disorganized and chaotic increases your stress levels. Clean things up a bit and you’ll enjoy a lighter, happier mood.
  • Living on coffee. While a cup or two of java may be what you need to get up and go, too much caffeine can actually be harmful as it may cause your blood pressure to go sky high or knock your blood sugar out of control. Switch to green tea if you want something hot and drink a small glass of water every hour or so to stay hydrated.
  • Constantly complaining about your life. It’s normal to vent from time to time, but regularly talking about the negativity in your life only makes it worse. Instead, speak of the positive things that are happening for you and you will experience more blessings than hardships.
  • Multitasking. Although it may seem like doing two or three things at once would make you more efficient, it can actually wind up hurting your health as it increases the demands on your mind and your body. You’re better off doing one thing at a time and saving yourself grief later down the road.

If you’re guilty of any of these behaviors, you may be unknowingly hurting your health. Change them though and you’ll do yourself some good!


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