The Best Fitness Programs for Adults Over 50’s


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If you’re over 50, special considerations should be made when selecting a fitness program. Not that you aren’t strong enough to handle a rigorous program (no doubt you’ve proven your strength many times already in your life), but your body is different in your later years than it was in the first half – which means that different programs are better for your particular health and fitness.

What factors should you look for to determine the best option for you? Here are just a few to consider:

Choose a program that you will actually enjoy.

There is no point in forcing yourself into an activity that you clearly don’t like because you’ll find it extremely hard, if not impossible, to stay motivated enough to go with any regularity. So, pick an activity that you will look forward to and you’ll be more likely to stick with it for the long term.


Pick an activity that doesn’t jolt your body.

While high impact aerobics and running may be okay when you’re younger, these types of activities are extremely hard on your joints, making them not the best choices for someone who is slightly older in age. Some great low impact options are low impact aerobics, certain forms of dancing, bicycling, and walking, just to name a few.


A good program will work on flexibility.

One of the keys to fitness while aging is flexibility. Keeping your body limber will allow you to live an active lifestyle without suffering from aches and pains that can sometimes come with age. Participate in a program that incorporates Pilates, yoga, or any other form of stretching and you will feel better physically, as well as mentally as this type of exercise is also known to calm your spirit.

Don’t be afraid of exercising when you’re older. As long as you follow these three guidelines, you’ll pick a program that is absolutely perfect for you!

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