What is Doga ?


If you consider your dog’s health as important as your own, then you are in luck. There is a new fitness craze sweeping across the globe and it has some great benefits for both you and your furry little (or big) four legged friend. It is called doga and, just as the name implies, it is a form of yoga that you do with your dog. (It kind of puts a whole new spin on the Downward Dog, don’t you think?)

The Benefits of Doga

Think of the traditional benefits that you get from regularly practicing yoga and imagine how your dog will behave when they get the same. The moves will relax them so they are easier to handle and, just as with people, it is a great mild form of exercise for a dog that is overweight, injured or getting up there in years. In addition, engaging in yoga with your dog creates an even stronger bond between you as you spend more time together while showing your pet a bundle of loving attention.

How Do You Do It?

Incorporating your dog into your yoga routine is actually fairly easy. You’re not going to be trying to get them into any yoga poses per se, but are more or less doing regular yoga while loving your animal during the poses. Remember that the goal is simply to relax and bond with your furry family member.

For instance, if you sit on a yoga mat and spread your legs into a “V”, place your dog between your legs and lean forward so that you have your dog cradled against your chest best you can. Slowly pet your dog and relax him or her while taking long, deep breaths yourself.

There are many different poses that you can add your pooch into so you may want to attend a class your first time or two to get some ideas. Or, you could look up doga videos online or even purchase one or two DVDs to keep and practice them regularly in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re ready to be even closer to your pet than you are now, add doga to your life. Who knows? In due time, they may even have catga too…



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