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Whether you have to eat gluten free because your body is intolerant of these particular proteins found in wheat and grains, or you simply choose to eat this way for better health, you may have a hard time planning a menu that doesn’t involve traditional breads, pastas, and other gluten containing food items.

Therefore, here are some substitutions you can make to get gluten out of your kitchen and still manage to eat “regular” foods:

Replace bread with lettuce. Instead of putting your sandwich ingredients between two pieces of bread, wrap them in a piece of lettuce instead. The crisp crunchiness of this type of wrap will give your lunch added texture without disrupting your system in the process.

Swap oatmeal with quinoa flakes. If you like your breakfast warm so that it soothes your tummy on these cold winter days, make quinoa flakes instead of oatmeal and drizzle it with a touch of maple syrup for some added sweetness that makes your mouth say “Mmm”.

Get rid of malt vinegar and use distilled vinegar instead. It may take some getting used to by your taste buds, but if you’re a vinegar fanatic, using distilled vinegar is one way to get your fix without adding gluten into your diet.

Make meals with corn flour versus wheat flour. Corn products do not contain gluten, making them a better choice when you’re purchasing baking goods such as flour, corn meal, etc.

Choose distilled alcohol over beer. When alcohol is distilled, it means that the gluten is removed, so choosing these options over beer and other similar alcohols means that you can enjoy a drink without worrying about what it is going to do to your body (as long as you do it within reason, of course).

Make these substitutions and you won’t even miss the gluten in your diet. In fact, you’ll probably feel better than ever!



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