Top 10 Paleo Foods

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If you’ve chosen to follow the Paleo Diet, then you know that it requires a menu full of natural food sources like lean meat, fruits and vegetables. However, you may wonder which ones offer the most health advantages so that you can enjoy the greatest weight loss in conjunction with a body that is stronger and healthier than ever.

Here are the top 10 foods that you should consider eating to enjoy both of these benefits:

#1 – Grass fed beef. Beef from grass fed cows is lower in fat, has fewer calories, contains lower levels of bacteria and has more essential nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (which increases your body’s fat burn).

#2 – Eggs from pasture-raised chickens. These little yolks of goodness are filled with B vitamins for energy, vitamin D for healthy bones, choline for good brain function and lutein which is beneficial to good eyesight.

#3 – Wild salmon. Instead of eating farm raised salmon, choose wild and you’ll get more vitamins and amino acids, as well as higher quality protein.

#4 – Animal broth. Drinking the broth from boiled animal bones will give you more calcium and magnesium which will increase the strength of your bones, teeth and hair and reduce any inflammation you feel in your joints.

#5 – Coconut oil. This oil made the list because of its ability to keep your immune system strong, your blood sugar stable and increase your fat burning potential.

#6 – Coffee. No need to forego your morning cup of energy, just make sure you drink it black for the greatest benefits.

#7 – Cherries. Not only are cherries pleasing to your taste buds, but they are also anti-inflammatory which means less pain in your joints and quicker muscle recovery after a grueling workout.

#8 – Blueberries. This superfood is very high in antioxidants that promote healthy brain function, decreasing your risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

#9 – Kale. This leafy green has been found to lower your risk of cancer while giving you a healthy boost of vitamins A, C, and K.

#10 – Dark chocolate. No Paleo top 10 is complete without including this one little sweet luxury that also happens to improve your cardiovascular health.

Make these ten foods part of your daily Paleo menu and you’ll be healthier, and thinner, than ever!

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