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Certain aspects of our health and livelihood are determined by our genetic makeup and how our mum acted during pregnancy, but several lifestyle dynamics, counting diet, body composition, and fitness all have a stake on our capacity to live a long and vigorous life. The many pressures of life can make it feel like there’s no time to exercise. The thing about this is that you often have to make time for it. Apart from weight loss, there is plenty to reap from exercise, as it can make an enormous difference in remaining healthy. It is certainly a fact that exercise produces a healthier heart as it lessens more than a few cardiovascular risks, namely, high blood pressure and heart disease. Not only this but it can strengthen mental health and help you cope with societal pressures. Any exercise that exerts a certain degree of weight-bearing facilitates the production of strong, dense bones, while also safeguarding against osteoporosis, a debilitating degradation of bone quality. Routine choices such as consuming a calcium-rich diet and exercising regularly can keep bones healthy and curtail the risk of fractures (but it is important to have a certain degree of sunlight exposure as well to maintain bone integrity). A balanced diet is vital to high quality of life, though averting certain foodstuffs and beverages may help lengthen your lifespan. Ingesting too many high-calorie foods abundant in simple carbs or fat could lead to excessive weight gain. Not only this but some fats (such as trans-fats) are known to be particularly harmful. It can elevate the level of ‘bad’ cholesterol, considerably increasing the risk of atherosclerosis (which blocks arteries), leading to the aforementioned heart disease and potential stroke. On another note, dumping cigarettes is also paramount to our health. Smoking increases the possibility of contracting more than fifty disorders. Nearly 90% of lung cancers are produced by smoking, not counting the fact that it hampers your blood circulation, respiratory capacity, and fertility in women. As can be seen, a few smart choices in life can ensure that yours is long and healthy!

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