5 Best Yoga Exercises

5 Best Yoga Exercises

Yoga is a great medium to lose weight. You can cut the extra baggage of fat and calories from your body by doing some simple yoga exercises. The best thing about Yoga is that you don’t need any kind of exercise machine to lose weight.

Yoga exercises are simple and easy to do. Yoga exercises are almost injury free, if they are properly done. Yoga exercises will not only help you to lose weight but it will also help you to tone your body muscles. For getting lean and strong body, yoga exercises are highly recommended.

Let us check the 5 best Yoga exercises for weight loss:
  1. Side Stretch Posture

The Side Stretch Posture will help in burning all the unwanted calories. This yoga exercise also helps in balancing the heart rate.

  1. Wind Release Posture

The Wind Release Posture will help you to work on your abs.

To do this exercise, do the following steps:

  • On the floor, you need to rest on your back. Remember at this position keep your legs straight.

  • Now bring both the knees forward towards your chest. Remember, the ankles should be together.

  • Now hold the knees with both the hands, in a hugging style.

  • Now move your head forward towards your knees.

  • Take a deep breath as you move your head up. Stay at this position for few seconds.

  • Slowly come back to the initial position.

  1. Warrior I Posture

Warrior I Posture is a yoga exercise which provides extremely good workout to the arms, thighs and the abs.

  1. Bow Posture

Bow Posture is an awesome yoga exercise for burning fat. It works on the abs, arms and the legs.

To do this exercise, do the following steps:

  • On the floor, you should lie on the stomach.

  • The knees should be bended.

  • Hold the right and left feet with the respective hand.

  • To catch the feet you have to stretch back by simultaneously moving up, the feet and the upper body.

  • Hold the breath for few seconds as you move up.

  • Relax and come back to the initial resting position.

  1. Cobra Posture

Cobra Posture will help you to tone the abdomen and it is also very effective on the buttocks.

The above mentioned 5 yoga exercises are very effective for losing weight. So try them and let us know your views.


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