How to Maintain a Healthy Liver

Maintaining a healthy liver

Human liver performs many activities related to the metabolism. Liver requires plenty of nutrients on daily basis to function properly and remain healthy.

Liver is a very important organ for our well being. Liver creates innumerable enzymes, which control and filter the body. Inability of the liver to create enzyme leads to metabolic stress, which in turn becomes a cause of disease.

To maintain liver in healthy condition do the following things:

  • Increase consumption of foods which are rich in sulfur. Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and borecole are some vegetables which are rich in sulfur. Egg yolk, garlic and onion are also rich in sulfur. Sulfur rich diet helps the liver in the detoxification process. Sulfur rich diet keeps the liver healthy by getting rid of unwanted pesticides and toxins from the liver.

  • Avoid alcohol consumption because to metabolize it the liver postpones all the other functions.

  • To improve the cleansing and functioning of the liver include liquorice, cinnamon and turmeric in your diet.

  • Vegetables are very good for liver because they have many essential nutrients necessary for proper functioning of liver.

  • Fruits are rich in nutrients, so daily consumption of fruits helps in keeping the liver healthy.

  • For healthy liver, always be on an organic diet. Liver does detoxification of chemicals, so avoid taking a diet in which agricultural chemicals are used.

  • To keep liver healthy, avoid foods which are high on fat. Also, avoid fried food for keeping the liver healthy. By avoiding high cholesterol diet, you can prevent gall stones from occurring. Gall stone occurs due to improper functioning of liver.

  • For better functioning of liver, you can opt for ayurvedic medicine called LiverCare. More than two hundred clinical studies have been successfully done on this medicine. LiverCare is safe for health but consult your doctor before taking it.

  • Follow the above mentioned instructions to keep your liver healthy. Let us know your views.

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