About Osteoporosis and Causes


As we were rightfully given the chance to have the beautiful sunrise and youthful days of
our lives, we can never escape the fact that we would also brace its sunset. Along with the increase
in our age are the changes which are not only depicted on our appearances but as well as our
capacity in doing various things.

As soon as we get older, numerous physical changes might be observed. Aside from our hair
turning to gray, there are also changes in our eyesight, memory capacity, and no matter how we are
avoiding it a saggy skin would really emerge naturally. However, above all these changes are the
health risks that commonly appear at this moment in time, one of which is osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is commonly caused by the lack of calcium and phosphate which are the
primary minerals needed for bone formation. At the age 60 and above, aside from the deficiency of
calcium, certain hormonal imbalances might also be the reason for this disease. When women reach
the menopausal stage, the decrease in their estrogen production is considered as the leading cause
of osteoporosis, while the lack of androgen hormones is sited for men’s vulnerability of the disease.
The absence of regular exercise and inadequate vitamin D also contributes to the possibility of
having an osteoporosis.

Nevertheless, preventive measures are applicable in order to lessen the risk of acquiring the
illness. It is advised to have the normal peak bone mass while still in the youthful age. Enough
calcium intake (usually found in milk, green leafy vegetables, salmon and other food rich in calcium
minerals) and regular exercise such as aerobics or weight-bearing workouts are encouraged in
order to develop strong bones. A healthy diet should not also be missed for proper body
nourishments should be regulated so as not to exceed the rightful amount that is needed by the
body. Although people having family members who suffered from osteoporosis have higher
possibilities of acquiring so, certain treatments are readily available in order to prevent or slow the
development of this disease. Some of which are estrogen replacement, calcium and vitamin D
supplements and again a proper diet. Avoiding or quitting cigarette or any tobacco smoke could
also help a lot as well as regulating any alcohol intake. When taking up medications, it is advisable
to be wary and cautious enough on buying over the counter pain relievers. It is best to consult your
physicians first on what medication suites you.

Nobody really wants to suffer from any illness in the later years of our lives, therefore
proper care and attention to the body should be maintained in order to avoid such aging

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