Health Risks From Diabetes

Today we find that the  patient cases people suffering from various diseases and illnesses numbers are increasing every year. As the human population continually rises, the number of reported disease cases also continues too grow. One of the more common diseases which has multiplied in numbers over recent years is diabetes. One of the main reasons why diabetic numbers are on the increase and have rocketed over the last 20 years is mainly because of the raise in consumption of high refined sugary drinks and foods. 

Diabetes affects all ages but is mostly noticeable at the ages 20 and above. It also has various types depending on the severity of the illness. People suffer from Type1 diabetes when the pancreas refuses to produce insulin which is needed by the body to regulate glucose. Type 1 diabetes patients usually require insulin treatment daily to sustain life. However, there are some instances that the pancreas can still produce insulin but it is the body itself which resists from using this produced insulin, this is considered as the type 2 diabetes. Another type of diabetes which usually occurs in pregnant women is Gestational diabetes. It is said that this type of diabetes is resolvable after delivery, however, some cases may also lead to type 2 diabetes.

Along with the problem that diabetes itself brings, several complications are often observed from diabetic patients which adds to their dilemma. Some of which are complications in the kidney, heart, eyes, nerves, and probably bone and joint disorders as well as skin problems. And if the disease itself gets worse, amputation might be necessary.

Diabetes constitutes a lot of factors, but the most common factors contributing to diabetes are the unbalanced and unmonitored diet resulting to uncontrolled glucose intake, as well as the lifestyle that are practiced which lacks daily exercise and muscle workout which is commonly the reason for obesity.

With the vast improvement in terms of science and technologies, diabetes is already treatable regardless of its type. Nevertheless, aside from the medications that will be provided, proper exercise paired with a nutritious and healthy diet would also be necessary. Cigarette or any other tobacco forms and alcohol consumptions must be refrained from or at least taken moderately for it may only increase the risk of developing a more complicated health.

We might often hear the sayings “Health is wealth” and “Prevention is always better than cure” however, we usually realise how these notions serve the truth when we are already in the situation where health is at stake. So, while it is still early and bad habits are not yet too difficult to abandon, the urge to lead a healthy life must always come from us.

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