Best Exercises That Can Help Quit Smoking

Cigarette Smoking and its Hazards

In the present time billions of people are engaged with cigarette smoker. Smokers can be detected not only by smell but also by sight. When people smoke a lot it damages your skin and often can stand out from the group with dark eyes and yellow finger tips.

two questions come to mind ” why do people smoke ?” and “why is it difficult to quit once it is started?”

Tony Robbins asks a question for smokers.

“Do you enjoy smoking ? or is it really the deep breathe of oxygen which helps your body relax ?”

Most people consider cigarette smoking as a means of relaxation. Due to people’s busy lifestyles they find smoking as the only means to relax and have time for themselves. Others even consider smoking as a tool that helps them think things over. While some, refer to the usage of cigarettes as something that they can relate too! helping reduce anxiety and nervousness, especially when people face stressful work and serious matters.

If you have never tried tai chi this form of fitness which works purely on breathing being the focus of the exercise. Yoga is another prime example, these exercises require you to control your breathing patterns and increase your lung capacity. That why they can not only train and exercise your body but also improve the functioning of brain, heart and lungs.

If you want to quit smoking I recommend you start an exercise program which requires breathing training. These exercises will all increase lung capacity;

  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Rowing
  • Cycling


Cigarette smoking has grown and become more popular and widespread among users in the 20th century. The
term “cigarette” was used to refer to a smaller version of a cigar.Cigarettes are made from leaves they’re dried out first then they become tobacco. Additives such as reconstituted tobacco were added making cigarettes twice as more addictive. That is one of the reason why people find smoking hard too kick.

However often cigarette smokers don’t consider the hazardous effects from smoking, not just mainly to the users but most especially to non-users’ health. While others derive satisfaction and delight from smoking, they’re neglecting the idea that second hand smoke, this is more dangerous compared to the effects of smoking to direct users. Research shows that second hand smoke contains more than 4,000 various chemicals whereby at least 43 of which can cause cancer. It can also cause diseases such as malfunctions of the heart, lung cancer, emphysema, and bronchitis. Aside from the harm it may inflect to adults, it is more dangerous to children and newborn babies, since their body organs are still developing. When children are too much exposed to second hand smoke, it can result in premature deaths.

With this knowledge in mind, people should be more acting more responsible and considering other people around them.  They should be aware that they are putting them  at risk, especially within the presents of children.

Cigarette smoking is an old pastime hobby that should be forgotten.

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