Resistance Exercise Bands How Not To Use

Resistance Exercise Bands
What not to do 

When exercising please make sure that you don ‘t over extend the band. Never stretch more than beyond double it’s normal length.

When first exercising with the bands people often try to over stretch the exercise bands mainly because they want more tension. If you find the tension easy at first please complete a 12 repetition test.  If the band has not effected breath or muscles then the tension is easy and you need to upgrade the strength.

  • 1 Yellow BAND – X Light 10lbs
  • 1 Blue BAND – Light 20lbs
  • 1 Red BAND- Medium 30lbs
  • 1 Green BAND – Heavy 40lbs
  • 1 Black BAND – XL 50lbs
If you have the attachment set you can add another band to the handles, doubling the tension. 

When exercising with the bands always check the surface you exercise on is smooth. If you place the band around a pole or tree branch make sure that their are no sharp objects like screws, nails, glass ,etc. As all these objects can cause cuts or holes in the bands, making them dangerous and unsafe for use.

If you ever notice either a hole or slice in the band, then please don’t use for any exercise as they will most probably snap.


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