Benefits from running barefoot


Benefits from barefoot running

Barefoot running is one of the best ways to help increasing speed and correct running technique. Years before the infamous running shoe was invented barefoot running what very popular.  As humans it’s normal for us to use a barefoot running technique.  We can all benefit from running without footwear, often today we run in luxury, we often end up with to much added  supported from our running shoe.

Normally in a supported shoe you can’t feel the full movement, when your foot with the connects with the floor it more common that the shoe will take most of the vibration. When you run its important that you connect your forefoot with the floor first.  Running on the balls of your feet creates less loading force at the knee and can help you master your technique.

The main way to train yourself for barefoot running is to walk first. Walking is the first way of training the brain so you become use to the felling of barefoot and this will teach your brain how to use the different muscles and receptors when running. This will also help improve the spring in your step, helping you prefect the running technique. Using the correct technique and getting it right is essential, correct running will help increase speed and lesser your risks from suffering running injuries.

Steps for running barefoot

Before you start running it’s important to perfect the walking technique without footwear. Try walking on different surfaces such as grass, sand and concrete. This can be important for barefoot training teaching our brain to use different muscles over a range of surfaces.

When connecting your weight should land on your heel then shift through to your big toe when pushing off. It’s important when your heel touches the ground that it’s smooth and not hard, the weight should be placed on your front foot.

  • heel is for the motion to push down and spring off.
  • Keep your strides shorter than normal.
  • Always look forward, keep your head up facing the direction your running , this will help keep your upper body in place.
  • Use your arms with the movement.
  • Aim to keep relaxed for every stride, running is a rhyme.
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