What is the dukan diet ?


The Dukan diet was first founded in the early 1970’s by the French dietician and nutritionist Pierre Dukan.

Pierre Dukan  was an GP in Paris, he was the first person to tackle overweight and obesity without using the calorie counting method.

The book was recently translated and published in the UK 2010.

The Dukan is a high protein and low carb based diet, also its unisex diet which makes it friendly to both females and males.

The diet contains of four main stages, .

Phase 1 – Attack phase – This is the hardest phase and were most weight is lost, designed to target and increase your metabolism, it does this by allowing you to eat 72 protein based foods.

Phase 2 – Cruise phase –  During this phase 28 different specific Vegetables are introduced into the diet, so that the vegetables and proteins mix. The carbohydrates provide vital energy for your body. Weightloss  normally 2lbs per week.

Phase 3 – Consildation phase- Aimed at preventing weight gain later after the diet, normally fruits, bread and cheese are added back into your diet. Delivering you with two custom meals per week of your choice.  With one pure protein day per week.

Phase 4 – Stabilization phase – With a few simple rules maintained throughout your diet, people can consume the foods of their choice  with eating bran everyday, and one pure protein day per week.

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