Motivation, change or develop?

The key to motivation and the factors we face.

What is your reason for motivation ? what question drives you to succeed?

Every person will have a different reason for motivation,  your success will not happen unless committed to development, change; change is a big word which people associate which big unpleasant events. I need to change weight ! I need to change my life ! this is a common statement made for people who feel guilt, how do people relate to change ? pain or pleasure ?

The choice in which succeeds most, pain! pain of thought, pain of what will happen if I choose not to change ?pain I will gain fat! pain I will become depressed! pain people wont like me and pain I will stand out from society.

Change is a big word, which often scares people into thinking they have to do something now !

So you tell your mind, I need change! I need to stop eating fat foods, I need to quit smoking, I need to join a gym, I need to lose weight! we decide to do change all these at the same time. So for 6 days we change our life pattern, after a week we rewards ourselves, we deserve a treat for being so goods.  The treat breaks the pattern and before we know it we’ve slowly returning to our old state, after 2 weeks we arrive, back to where we started, feeling guilty and depressed, does this sound familiar?

The word we need to look for is develop! I need to develop my body, I need to develop my life, I need to develop my diet ! develop me, DEVELOPE NOW !

Just a change of word can effect the way in which we feel about health, fitness, weight loss and happiness!

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