Eating for healthy children

6 – 12 months

At around 6 months babies are sometimes ready to start solid foods, they develop neck muscles and are able to complete the chewing movement. You should always discuss with a health nurse or doctor when your baby is ready for solid foods.

Make sure hands are clean and disinfected when preparing and feeding baby’s food.

Babies are use to the taste of plain milk so make sure when the first solid foods are prepared their are no salts, sugars or fats added.

Try 1/2 – 2 teaspoons on the first feed and gradually increase intake over time . Should reach a average of 3-4 teaspoons per serving

First foods need to be puree, do this by using a blender or fine sieve.

Foods are great when prepared in larger quantities, you can freeze puree in ice cube containers and use when required, always nice to have four different foods available. Also it is always better to produce your own food, its very important as a parent and a chef you know what your child’s foods contain.

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