6 Things You Can Anchor Your Resistance Bands Against for a Great Workout



Although resistance bands are designed to be used without having to be anchored to anything, sometimes it helps to use other objects to create a different pose or work a different muscle. Therefore, here are six things you can use as anchors during your resistance workouts, allowing you to strengthen your muscles almost anywhere:

  • Tree Trunks – If you’re out in nature and want to build your physique while you’re there, you can always anchor your resistance band around a tree trunk to get a good workout. Just choose one that is healthy and wide enough so that it doesn’t break while you’re putting tension against it.
  • Hand Rails – Use the railing on bleacher stairs or park paths to hold your band as you work your body. It will hold up to the pressure while giving you good results at the same time.
  • Chair Back – If you’re stuck in an airport or other waiting area, you can use your chair back to help you get a great upper body workout while you are sitting around with nothing else to do.
  • Basketball Hoop Pole – Just because you’re on the basketball court, it doesn’t mean you have to limit your exercise to a game of 3-on-3. Instead, anchor your band against the pole and you’ll get fit without ever touching a ball.
  • Climbing Bars – When you’re at the park with your kids, you can stay close by and still build your muscles by using their climbing bars to hold your resistance band.
  • A Friend – If all else fails and there is nothing stationary to anchor your band to, ask a friend to hold it instead. That way you get maximum resistance for your workout and some quality social time too!

Be creative and see what types of anchors you can come up with for your resistance band. What have you used in the past? Which of these suggestions are you going to try in the future?

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