What Exercises can you do with a Large Loop Resistance Band ?

If you have large loop resistance bands, then you are in luck because there are a number of exercises that they work perfectly for. If you don’t, you’ll likely want a set to get greater fitness benefits.

Grab a pair and get ready to work your way to a trim and taut physique, because here are just a few exercises that will do that for you when you add them to your workout regimen:


Jumping Curl Up

If you want to build your arm muscles while getting some cardiovascular activity at the same time, try a jumping curl up. You do it by standing with feet shoulder width apart, feet on the band. Hold the top of the band in your hands and curl up at the same time that you jump up. Just be careful to not lose your balance.

Leg Extenders

In the standing position, attach the large loop resistance band to a fixture that will keep it in place and place the other end of the loop around your ankle. You can move your leg up and out to the side to work your outer and inner thighs or move it back to work your hamstrings, thighs, and buttocks for a great lower body workout.


Chair Presses

This move works your shoulders and upper arms. While sitting in a chair, put the band so that it is fixated under your chair and wraps around above your legs. Grab the band at both sides of your thighs and push upward toward the ceiling. Use slow and controlled movements so that you get the most benefit to your muscles. Once your arms are fully extended, hold for a count of four and then slowly lower your arms back down. If you’d like to work your chest and back muscles instead, simply wrap the band around the back of the chair versus the bottom, and push away from you to the front instead of pushing up.

These are just three exercises that use large resistance bands to help get you in shape. Incorporate them in your workouts and you’ll feel (and see) the difference!

Squat Exercise 

Shoulder Raises 

Squat Press  


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