How many reps for resistance band training ?


When exercising we often find it easy to lose track of our exercises, set and reps. Then it's normal to spend an hour in the gym hoping on and off different machines or normal to staying on the same machine because it's comfortable and you like the feel.

You need to change your workout and complete more exercises all the parts of the body. ''You need to have your session planned out !''

The reason for this is so that we feel a sense of achievement on completion. I have used the gym regularly for exercise and I am aware of the feelings, afraid to talk to any of the staff about what exercises I should be doing or how many?

I spent three years waisting my time on exercises that were having no effect and change to my body. I now know that if I had taken a little time to read and record my workouts I could changed my result.

Often the question has been asked how many reps should I do and what outcome will I receive?

  • 6 reps - Muscular growth
  • 8 reps - Power and growth
  • 10 reps -   Strength and tone
  • 20 reps - toning and weightloss
Always remember that you need to train your legs! 
Squat exercise

How many reps of squats?

Well the answer for this question is  you should always do more than 10 repetitions each time you complete this exercise.  The reason is because the squat exercise is able to stimulate the whole body as well as muscular appetite this is a key exercise when looking to increase body mass. Also it increasing blood oxygen flow supplying low and upperbody during the exercise.

This exercise is simple but also very effective



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