Resistance band exercise standing upper back row

Resistance band exercise standing upper back row - Fitness Health

Upper back row resistance band 


This exercise is good for working the back upper muscles. Traps, delts and triceps.

Muscles; Back & shoulders

1. Standing up straight, firmly grasp the handles with your arms fully stretched out in front of your shoulders.Position 1 

2. Pull the handles towards your chest . Keep your shoulders in place and let the elbow past the shoulder, hold for two seconds Position 2 

3.Return to start position, slowly count to two seconds when completing each movement.

Working out always try to keep a good balance on body exercises, if you exercise your back you should also exercise your chest also. Work the opposite muscle groups always.

  • Biceps -triceps
  • Quads - hamstrings
  • Abs - lower back

Position 1                                                                                            Position  2










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