Super Smoothie Mixed Berry



Making the mixed berry smoothie.

You need a smoothie maker, hand blender or food blend. Smoothies are very easy to make just place all the ingredients into a jug and blend. The hardest process of smoothie making are getting your measurements right!

Super Mixed Berry Smoothie.

  • 250 ml Yoghurt or butter milk
  • 5 frozen grapes
  • 4 frozen strawberries
  • 1 handful of frozen mixed berries

  1. Place together in a large jug or bowl
  2. Blender together and  the smoothie is ready in a matter of minutes
This smoothie is ideal for a power boost post workout.
     So good smoothies.

    They deliver the nutrients faster and are great for our body regeneration process. Smoothies help the lock away all the effort from training, after a hard session you need to replenish fuel, activate anabolism and rehydrate. You can achieve this all in one smoothie.  

    Important always drink within 30 minutes of session completion.

    Remember to build muscle and maintain strength you need protein intake, essential to drink directly after your workout as this will help replenish all muscles worked, fast ! regeneration process, training speeds up the digestion so drinking after exercise is necessary.



    I always look out for cheap offers on berries when shopping, as you can freeze them and use them for smoothies. 

    Use low fat yoghurt and or soy milk to reduce the fat.

    You can always add a little honey for extra sweetness


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