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Increasing you speed with leg band training.

Using resistance leg bands is one of the best ways to increase your speed. Adding resistance to your movements not only strengthens but helps activate more fast twitch muscle fibres in your muscle that helps increase both your strength and explosive ability.

Exercising with the leg bands can help you focus on multi directional movement training, meaning you can breakdown each movement, and begin to exercise and strengthen the exact muscles used in the movement the strength at every basic .

For example, If I wanted to improve my side step. I would first start with the side lunges for the first session , then progress with explosive multi directional movement (jumps).  After I have achieved a good level of strength in these movements I would then progress to using the leg bands, increasing resistance with in the movement.

What to look for ;

  • Speed
  • Length
  • Time
  • Reps

Once I felt that  I had reached  a capable level  start to use the leg bands.

This is a basic video showing you how to use natural resources outside already available. Good for beginners looking to improve speed and reaction.In the first stage we use the tree as a marker for dynamic stretching. It’s always important to do this before and after training.

Stage two, multi directional movement,

Stage three Resistance and plyometrics.

Plyometrics is an excellent way to increase your speed, strength and power.
All speed training programs should contain a plyometrics in the later stages.

Plyometrics can great for not just improving  your power levels but also  helping you increase
total body controls, helping you deal  and move with your own body weight more effectively

For more information on the resistance leg bands follow



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