What amino acids are needed to build muscle?

Building muscle without amino acids is impossible, getting to know the right products for muscular growth is essential! Amino acids are the most important enzymes we need to promote muscle development and muscular growth. These enzymes also help with weight management and fat reduction. There are 20 different amino acids. Out of these 20 types of amino acid 12 are manufactured within our body. The other 8 amino acids are not manufactured are known as essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are vital from food source intake.

These are the essential 8 amino acids for adults.

1. Isoleucine 2. Leucine 3. Lysine 4. Methionine 5. Phenylalanine 6. Threonine 7. Tryptophan 8. Valite 9. Histamine -*

Children require an extra amino acid* Amino acids are held together by peptide's.

These peptides are bands that hold the acids together to complete amino acid. When all these amino acids are combined together they are know as complete proteins (HBV). When one or more amino acids are combined together but do not meet the body requirement these are know as incomplete proteins (LBV) Complete food sources (HBV). These food sources contain all the 8 essential amino acids and are great sources for natural nutrition

  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Soya beans
  • Meat
Its recommend you get your protein levels right, just taking lots of protein want give you muscle. Too much can be bad for the body and also if too much is taken then excess protein will turn into fat.
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