Breakfast Foods to Help Keep You Fuller Longer

Most people are aware that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It takes your body out of rest mode and fires up your metabolism so that you burn more calories and have more energy. However, one of the chief complaints about this morning meal is that a lot of food options don’t keep your tummy satisfied until lunch time. Luckily, here are four that will:

Turkey bacon and veggie omelet
Make an omelet out of one whole egg and three egg whites, turkey bacon, and whatever veggies satisfy your palette (like onion, green pepper, mushrooms, tomatoes, asparagus, and more) and you will have a tasty protein rich meal that will keep your hunger at bay for hours.
Oatmeal with almond slices
This warm and creamy breakfast will stay with you all morning long thanks to its complex carbohydrates and nutty protein punch. If you’re not a fan of almonds, you can always swap them out for other heart healthy options such as walnuts or pecans.
Turkey and avocado breakfast sandwich
No one says that breakfast has to be traditional. In fact, sometimes it’s best when it isn’t. Make your tummy happy by creating a turkey sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread and add some avocado for a healthy fat that fills you up. Other fixings like lettuce, tomato, and mustard can be added to help you get a few more tastes and textures (as well as some more vitamins and minerals) in your first meal of the day.
Breakfast pizza
Another way to turn lunch into breakfast is to create a breakfast pizza that wakes up your taste buds. Simply cook up some potatoes, turkey bacon, and onion and put it on top of thin crust pizza dough that has been pressed onto a pizza pan. Top carefully with 6-8 beaten egg whites and low-fat cheese and bake at 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Eat morning meals like these and you say good bye to mid-morning cravings and hello to skinny jeans.
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