Why You Should Wear a Weighted Vest with TRX Training


If you want to make the most of your workouts, wearing a weighted vest while doing TRX suspension training is one way to achieve that goal. Not only will you receive the benefits you would get by engaging in just one of these wonderful training systems, but add them together and it provides double the impact.

For instance, TRX training is good for core development. When you are constantly trying to balance your body, stabilizing it while working out, of course you’re going to build muscles around your abdomen and lower back. However, when you wear a weighted vest while doing TRX training exercises, you’re now making the muscles around your middle work that much harder. This results in greater gains at a much faster rate.

The same applies with TRX training exercises that are designed to work your upper body. By pulling and pushing more than just your normal weight, it is like engaging in an extra grueling workout. You may be more tired by doing it, but the pride and feeling of accomplishment (as well as the feeling of burning muscles) when you’re done is truly priceless.

Essentially, the weighted vest increases the intensity of your TRX training, kicking your muscles and your metabolism into overdrive. It improves your endurance while giving you power at the same time. It is like getting two workouts in one, which saves you time and hastens your results.

So, if you currently do just one or the other, maybe it is time to try them both together. Who knows? You may just like it!

And if you’ve been working out like this all along, I’d love to hear from you. What are your thoughts about wearing a weighted vest with TRX training? Any advice you’d like to offer other readers considering working out this way?

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