Are you looking for a new way to train on your own, at home? The MFBOX Fitness Plyo Box is an extremely versatile piece of fitness equipment that allows you to dive in deep with home strength and plyometrics training.  It’s so much more than a wooden crate! One of the true beauties of this exercise product is that, not only do you benefit from using it, but so does the environment. Unlike a lot of workout tools, the MFBOX is entirely sustainable, vegan, plastic-free and customizable in visual style.


What can you do with your new equipment? Here’s a look at some of the best MFBOX Fitness Plyo Box workout possibilities.


You can use the MFBOX as an explosive plyometric exercise platform 


Are you interested in building muscle strength and agility through plyometrics? The MFBOX fitness box can be an ideal addition to your routine. Plyometrics, also known as jump training or “plyo”, involves engaging in explosive running, jumping, kicking, throwing and more to improve your overall fitness. This type of workout can challenge both your aerobic capacity and your muscle force to increase your strength, speed, and endurance.


The MFBOX provides you with an ideal platform suitable for high-impact workouts. Just jump up! You can use the box outside or inside, whatever seems best at the moment. The sturdy construction and height of this device invites explosive box jumps, vigorous squats, step-ups and more. Made from high quality timber, this box can hold your weight well and take the force you apply to it. And while it’s best to keep it dry, a little rain won’t hurt either!


You can transform your box into a traditional gym bench with your own style


Weight training is also made simple with the MFBOX. If you have your own weights, it can easily be used as a traditional gym bench without the need to invest in additional equipment. The length of the box allows most people to stretch out either on their back or front and use a variety of free weights for building strength. With an additional stand, you can safely use barbells to engage your arms and core. Employ dumbbells on your back or while lying prone, and kettlebells while lying face down. The limit of your workout is really the limit of your imagination! There are hundreds of different exercises you can complete in just minutes simply by having the MFBOX in your workout space, ready for use.


As an aside, if you’re feeling artistic, this is one of the only pieces of fitness equipment out there that you can truly make your own! Add color through paint, stickers, ink, your own logo, you name it. Sustainable products have so many perks!


Build arm strength with the MFBOX    ORDER


As described above, the MFBOX is a great tool to use as a workout bench to support you while you use free weights. Lie back with your knees bent and do a dumb bell workout to build strength. You can also turn over and lift in a more limited range on your front.

If you aren’t using free weights you can build arm strength using the box by doing seated arm bends and pushups on it. Keeping your feet on the ground, place your hands on the box in a seating position and exercise with arm dips while your legs are stretched out in front of you, or engage in elevated push ups by turning over and orienting your body face down. There are numerous positions that can help you build arm strength guaranteed to get your blood pumping!


How to take advantage of the MFBOX strategic side-hole with resistance tools


You can also use the fitness box with resistance bands and tools to build your arms. The circular hole on each side of the fitness box provides you with an ideal spot in which to link in exercise bands like those in the FHSX Suspension Strap Bodyweight Resistance Training System. Place the exercise band or battle rope through the holes and stand on top of the box with the other end of the straps in hand. Your own weight holds the box in place and helps secure the bands while the box itself provides you with a solid surface for placement and support. You no longer have to worry about your resistance bands slipping out from under your foot or snapping lose. Easy!


Engage in challenging leg exercises


In addition to helping you strengthen your arms, the MFBOX is great for helping you build up your leg strength. You can use it for aerobic and power-based workouts, like those mentioned above, that require explosive jumping and forceful squats. By slowing down and using free weights you can also focus on building thicker leg muscle. Using free weights while doing squats for increased weight training by stepping up on the box with your weights in hand can give you a great workout.


Looking for stronger calves? There’s also the possibility of doing calf raises with free weights in hand while standing on the fitness box. This naturally-based workout companion is extremely versatile and the sky’s the limit!


The MFBOX Fitness Plyo Box is a deceptively simple element of fitness equipment. There are innumerable workouts you can do with the fitness box to improve your speed, strength, agility, aerobic capacity and overall fitness level. Engage both your upper and lower body in ways that truly challenge your robust power in just about any environment you choose. Take the box to the park for an outdoor workout in the fresh air, use it in your backyard, or make your own setup at home for your personalized, ideal workout space.


Order your MFBOX Fitness Plyo Box today and get started! Your fitness routine can be as versatile as you want and as complicated or simple as you make it. The sustainability of wood and a straightforward yet durable design come together in this practical design you’re sure to love.