Suspension Training Exercises

Suspension exercise fitness guide
How to use.

1. Practice all exercises without product until you’re able to perform movement with control and confidence.


2.Perform 1 to 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions during each exercise. If you are unable to perform these numbers then start with less repetitions. Rest for 10-20 seconds between sets.


3.Warm up before every exercise session. Simple jog on the spot for 3 minutes.


4. Maintain proper form throughout each exercise, if you begin to shake or feel pain stop and rest a little. You can alway return to the exercise when recovered.


5. Before use check for wear or damage to your suspension set. Do not use if product is damaged. These bands are not suitable for children and should be kept out of reach.


6. First always make sure that the door frame or supporting frame that you want to exercise is fully safe. Always lock the door  before making sure that the door cannot be opened whilst exercising. If using a tree, metal pole or any other material object always perform a safety check. You can achieve this by first leaning into the straps with half your body weight, then perform 3-5 exercises with light weight making sure the weight and tension can be held.


Please contact a fitness professional or GP before performing any physical activity. All exercises should be made in a slow and controlled manner.

Fitness health shall not be liable for incident or consequential damages resulting from use of this product, or arising. Info-  


 Fitness Health FH Pro Suspension Set - How to lengthen the straps and attach around trees and supporting poles.