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14kg Rubber Kettlebells

14kg Rubber Kettlebells

Gym Gear

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Kettlebells are essential for any functional training programme. These conditioning tools are ideal for developing muscular endurance, increasing cardiovascular fitness, increasing core strength, and improving posture/balance. Buy Premium Rubber Kettlebell Set from Gym Gear.

The weight of a kettlebell hangs a few inches below its handle, meaning you have to work continuously to control the kettlebells shifting centre of gravity as you move it around. Everything from your grip to your core has to work harder than if you were using a dumbbell, and this extra muscle activity results in more calories being burnt and increased fat loss.

Product Features

  • Solid chrome build provides maximum durability
  • Robust and protective rubber coating
  • Chrome handle provides super-smooth finish and comfortable handling
  • Flat base design allows for easy storage and use
  • Perfectly balanced for precise user control
  • Easy weight identification
  • Available from 4kg – 24kg (each sold separately)


Sets available:

  • 8 x Kettlebell Set (1 x 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 & 24kg)
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